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OFFICIAL NEWS RELEASE from Rockingham County Sheriff's Office Sgt. Kevin Suthard, Public Information Officer


Sheriff Warns Rockingham County Residents about New Telephone Scam

Date of Release: Monday, April 03, 2017

[Reidsville, N.C.]— The Rockingham County Sheriff’s Office has received word of phone scammers calling people in the Rockingham County area stating they are a Deputy with the Rockingham County Sheriff’s Office and that they are calling because the recipient of the call has failed to appear for jury duty. The scammer then states that he will have to arrest the recipient unless they pay the scammer money. The scammer requests payment of the money in the form of gift cards or prepaid debit cards.

The caller IDs are showing as 336 area codes, though we suspect they may be numbers that are generated by the scammer to add the air of legitimacy to their call. These numbers are fake and are NOT associated with the Rockingham County Sheriff’s Office.

NO DEPUTY FROM THE ROCKINGHAM COUNTY SHERIFF’S OFFICE, OR ANY OTHER LEGITIMATE LAW ENFORCEMENT AGENCY, WILL EVER CALL ANYONE AND DEMAND TO BE PAID MONEY TO AVOID ARREST. If you are the recipient of one of these calls, inform the scammer you know the call is a scam and hang up the phone immediately!

Sheriff Page is asking the public to contact their local law enforcement agency and report if they receive one of these call. If you are in question about whether you have missed or been summoned to jury duty, contact the Rockingham County Clerk of Court’s Office at 336-634-6000 to inquire.

Again, no one from any Rockingham County law enforcement agency will EVER call and demand money in exchange to avoid being arrested for any sort of court summons or criminal process. If you receive a call to that affect, IT IS A SCAM!

Rockingham County Crime Stoppers 336-349-9683 
Pays up to $1000 Cash for tips on crimes. All Callers remain anonymous. 




For Immediate Release: 4/30/2015


The Rockingham County Sheriff’s Department has been alerted of a scam occurring in Rockingham County. Scammers are calling potential victims identifying themselves as an employee of the Department of Social Services. The scammer is stating the victim owes money, and if they do not pay the funds, they will be arrested.  The Rockingham County Division of Social Services number is being displayed on the caller ID, however, this is not the Social Services calling and the number they are requesting the individual to call to make the necessary payment is an 855 number.  Many of these calls appear to be Robo calls and are being initiated outside of the United States.

Social Service workers will not request you to pay anything over the phone.

If you have any concerns, please contact Social Services at 336-342-1394. 



Learn more about the Grandparent Scamand how it may affect the elderly citizens of Rockingham County. Click here to read the official release from the NCEA, the National Center on Elder Abuse.



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